Wednesday, May 6, 2009


These sisters compilations are assembled to exacting specifications: The voice must be emotional, strong and in-tune, the lyrics must be clever or at least fun, and the rhythm of course must be a heavy rockstone foundation for the song-

As tunes are auditioned and tested, the content trickles down to a very hard kernel of pure soul that may have come from at least twenty different releases. You might notice there is no fluffy filler, and that no cuts are included for reasons of record company politics-

Many of you don’t understand the slang, or can’t understand one word these women are saying- That is okay, the vibe is so strong that it reaches almost everyone.


1 Barbara Jones - why did you leave me
2 Marcia Griffiths – dreamland
3 Marcia Griffiths - try a little smile
4 Jennifer Lara - consider me
5 Cecile Campbell - whisper to me
6 Marcia Griffiths – Survival
7 Nina Soul - sleeping trees
8 Rosalyn Sweet - blackbirds singing
9 Hortense Ellis - people make the world go round
10 Denise Darlington - feel so good
11 Christine - saturday night
12 Barbara Jones - slim boy
13 Sonia Spence - talk love
14 Sharon Black – struggling
15 Sister Carol - black cinderella
16 Marcia Griffiths - tell me now
17 Sonia Spence - come with me
18 Sharon Jones - how long
19 Sister Carol - free food ticket
20 Dawn Penn - no no no
21 Jerry Jones - compared to what
22 Soulettes - my desire
23 Patsy - hanging on



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