Saturday, August 14, 2010


junk mail in the mailbox, spam texts on THE phone, facebok spamming, tweeEts about products and gigs, spam emails, late night tv "paid programming", etc etc etc

you don't have to thank us, but say hello in the comments- let's talk about music-



  1. I don't have any money in a bank account that I need you to help me disperse or penis enlargement possibilities but I do so enjoy the digital droppings at Booming Basslines. Would say hello more often but I think it's the disconnect between listening to the gear you post and being at the site or on my RSS. Rest assured it's much appreciated,for the new discoveries and gems that are lurking somewhere in my 7"s shelves - should say that more often.cheers..

  2. I love this site!! 7inch 45rpm A&B side vinyls are my favorite music. I have a boom box that plays MP3 discs, so I load up discs with music from this site and groove-out for hours at work to reggae singles. I also make those discs from other sites, but my favorite discs are marked Booming Bassline! Thank you so much & I hope you keep it up.
    Big Youth 45's
    hope these are new to you
    Thanks again - Daddy Dub

  3. I'm kinda shy that's why I haven't said hello yet.

    This blog be wicked and wild every time.

    Cheers, N.

  4. Thanks for all the music and talk, people- ride on- BOOMING BASSLINES

  5. hi
    And thank you for sharing your 7's
    you give me the chance to hear tunes i
    would never normally hear

    thank you

  6. just dropping in to say top site fella,always nice to see somebody dropping the versions aswell.

  7. one of the fanciest blogs around ! thx !!