Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Heptones - Harry Js Showcase A1

Imagine how the Heptones feel: coming from humble beginnings and rising to great heights internationally, they have watched as virtually everything they recorded for Coxsone has become a world standard "riddim", versioned mercilessly by countless producers and voiced by thousands worldwide. As you read this, someone is in the studio building a new version of a Heptones riddim and djs are playing any number of records based on their compositions.

Ranging from classic versions that are remarkable, to god-awful dance hall one-shots soon forgotten, Earl Morgan, Leroy Sibbles and Barry Llewellyn have recieved zero royalties from any of it.

The music presented here is from their sessions for Harry Js, grouped together by riddim and cleaned up a little. What a creative time in the music!
This music is bad and beautiful-



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