Wednesday, August 5, 2009

go now

This originally came out on the Priceless imprint, reality lyrics done like a dubplate over a dub mix of Techniques’ Stalag (aka Stagalag). The story goes that Winston Riley was angered by the 45’s release and demanded a meeting with Bounty and his crew. It is reported that both sides convened well-armed at Techniques and that the mood was tense. Later The Warlord emerged from the talk with a cool vibe, giving Mr. Riley the tune outright to press up for himself- For the b side they slapped on the original old cut of Stalag from a well-used stamper.


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  1. Great story, classic tune. I remember hearing this for the first time at a Bounty show in DC, a week or so after My Xperience dropped. I had heard Gun Down but never this version, he killed the place with this one.