Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Revolutionaries - Ballistic Dub

These sides were cherry picked from the versions of seventies wax-
Celebrated backing band The Revolutionaries is featured, the heavy mixes are supplied by engineers like Ernest Hoo Kim, Bunny Tom Tom, Maxie, Solgie and Errol T.:

The sound is centered around Sly Dunbar’s drumming: his precision timing with a heavy swing, his creative drum sounds and arrangements, and his hip ear for trends and beats make him unique in the world-


ballistic dub

01 how you mean dub
02 tale of two dubs
03 pearl dubwise
04 dub in Jamaica
05 uncle joe dub
06 leftist
07 P.L.A.
08 top rank
09 angola
10 caymanas park
11 joy dub
12 ballistic dub
13 kissinger
14 counter attack
15 cut you dub
16 earthquake
17 why war
18 hurt you dub
19 still in dub
20 answer
21 born to dub you
22 sister pat
23 M.P.L.A.


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  1. any chance of a re-up on this? Would love to hear it! thanks, love the blog.